Strategize Your Goals

September 22, 2019



To strategize your goals is to make a plan for achieving a goal and especially a military or political goal. In this text we will be discussing your personal business goals. A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve. People endeavor to reach goals within a specific time by setting deadlines. A goal is a desired result you want to achieve, and is typically broad and long-term. You might use company goals to inform yearly strategies and guide the direction of all your marketing efforts. An objective, on the other hand, defines the specific, measurable actions each employee must take to achieve the overall goal. For instance, if your overall goal is to increase brand awareness, one objective might be to increase blog traffic by 10%. 


There are 5 elements of a SMART business goal that has been shown to be of great importance. They are explained in the acronym SMART which are as follows:

→ Specific: Great goals are tailored with specific details that are unique to you.

→ Measurable: Create a vision of the outcome and put it into real numbers and quantities that are measurable.                                Numbers are an essential part of business.

→ Attainable: Dream big and go hard at achieving it. However; keep in mind that no billion dollar business is                               made overnight. 

→ Relevant: Ensure that your goals are relevant in the industry or niche of which you are entering. Do some
                     research prior to making goals to make sure it can be achieved.

→ Time-Based: Set realistic time frames to achieve your goals. It can be the difference in a total distraction or                                  major motivation to continue your venture. There are four time-based types of goals:
                           1. Stepping Stone Goals - One step at a time is all that it takes to get up a mountain.
                           2. Short Term Goals - Goals that you can accomplish within 12 months.
                           3. Long Term Goals - Goals that you want to accomplish in the future; usually at least several     
                                                                 years away.
                           4. Lifetime Goals - Goals that will take anywhere from 10 years to your lifetime to achieve.


A= Accept you failures

C= Change your approach towards goal setting

E= Explore new opportunities to get work done easily.

Goal Blueprint

There are many ways you can pursue goal achievement in your plans both personal and professional. first it is recommended that you have a daily routine that promotes positive advancement in your life. Take your goals as a challenge. Create a small level of internal competition. This will stimulate your mind so that you can embrace the feeling of winning. Determine what is your version of goal. Identify what you are trying to accomplish in the goal. Once satisfied; it is time to move on. Now that you have the goal set and the desired outcome; set proper time limits for your goal. This part is of great importance. If this is set properly; it will keep your motivation level just right to endure the journey happily. I cannot express enough of how important it is to stay focused. Challenges will occur; but stay focused. Learn to win from your losses. If you encounter a small loss along the way, extract the positives and keep moving. But never stop and never give up.

Five Alive 

1. Create a successful environment to operate in. This will help you stay razor sharp focus.

2. Track your goals. Write it down in a journal or notebook so that you can revisit it when you need extra motivation. 

3. Re-calibrate each time you encounter opposition, but never give up.

4. Get Help. Don't be afraid to ask for help along the way. No one ever make great accomplishments alone. 

5. Know why you're doing it. Know why it's important to you to accomplish these goals. 

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